Digirite for FT8 Contesting i Writelog

Published: Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Digirite for FT8 er nå lagt ut

DigiRite is now out of beta test and is available to the general public.  

DigiRite is a radio contesting accessory for FT8 messaging. It optionally integrates with WriteLog, but also can run stand alone. It is published as open source software and other contest logging program authors are free to use DigiRite's sources to build their own integrated FT8 solution under the terms of the GPL license.

WriteLog users will find it beneficial to install this for FT8 contesting, including during the upcoming ARRL Field Day.

As a reminder, the DEMO version of WriteLog is fully functional for select contests, including Field Day.  That means even if you're not a current WriteLog user, you can install the demo version along with DigiRite and operate this upcoming Field Day with WriteLog and have native FT8 integration.  You don't get that with N1MM or WSJT-X.  

To use DigiRite with WriteLog, you'll need WriteLog version 12.38 or later.  If you need to purchase an upgrade to the latest version of WriteLog, you can do so from https://writelog.com/ordering

For more details about DigiRite, please check out https://writelog.com/digirite


Steve N9OH & Wayne W5XD

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