Writelog UDP listener for WSJT X

Published: Thursday, 03 January 2019

Writelog 12.35 UDP listener for WSJT X


Writelog har fått egen program modul som kan synkroniseres sammen med WSJT X. 

last ned denne her https://writelog.com/Downloads/WriteLogUdpListenerV08.zip

NB! fungerer kun med 12.35 og opp 

"All recent WriteLog versions can log WSJT-X QSOs as sent by UDP. Download this program and look at its ReadMe.htm. 2019 ARRL RTTY Round Up is allowing WSJT-X QSOs. This WriteLog UDP listener will work for W/VE stations and with older versions of WriteLog in Round Up but not for operations outside W/VE. Those stations will need to upgrade to WriteLog 12.35."

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