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Published: Monday, 23 March 2020

Her finner du info SSA Portabeltest

SMP – SSA Portabeltest is the contest where we bring our radios into the wild. The contest have two parts, one in the spring and one in the autumn. All hams in JW, JX, LA, OH, OHØ, OJØ, OX, OY, OZ, SM and TF are invited to participate in this contes

SMP – SSA Portabeltest är testen där vi kör radio ute i det fria. Tävlingen har en våromgång och en höstomgång.


  • Rules – read the rules carefully!
  • Cabrillo log format specification
  • SMPin – A software for manually create a Cabrillo log after the contest.
  • SMP logsheet – Log sheet for manually logging with pencil
  • Voacap QTH-Locator Map – Get your QTH locator from the VOACAP site
  • N1MM + UDC modul for SSA portabeltest ligger her som SMP

    Kopier denne til  c:/user/My Document/N1MM+/ UserDefinedContest 

    last ned her ( klikk pådownload øverst til høyre)

    NB! Høyre klikk på denne og lagre som !!


     N1MM PLUS logger har en egen modul som kan du last ned her

  •  *****************************************

    Hjelpe tekst til UDC fil

    SSA Portabeltest

    User Defined Contest in N1MM

    Filename: SMP.UDC

    Copy SMP.UDC into ..Documents\N1MMLogger+\UserDefinedContest directory.


    Log Type: SMD

    Mode Category:




    In Sent Exchange set Locator and Power Multplier: JO48AD 02

    There is no calculation of score. The total score must be calculateted by

    the contest sponsor.

    The points field in log show 1 for valid qso and 0 for dupes. Only an aid to

    locate dupes.


    In Cabrillo edit contest-name SMP-MAY or SMP-AUG.

    Make sure you have other category set correctly.

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