Russian Contest Club -RCC CUP 2021

Published: Friday, 30 April 2021

Russian Contest Club -RCC CUP 2021

RM2D Mats melder


Russian Contest Club RCC kör sin årliga RCC Cup 0300-0859 UTC lördag morgon.
Alla kan köra alla, men medlemmar i RCC ger 10 poäng och multisar.
Europeer ger 3 poäng och DX 5 poäng. ITU-zoner ger även de multisar.
LA-stationer sänder 5NN18.
RM2D; Jag sänder 5NN RCC966.
Speciella plaketter för CW High Zone 18 samt CW Low Zone 18



Director of the contest - Nasonov Igor, UG3G (RCC#267).


CW - «CQ RCC», «Test RCC»,
SSB - «RCC Contest».
Please don`t operate DX-windows


For Russian Contest Club (RCC members):

*Many operators - one transmitter - all bands.

For other stations (Non RCC members):

*Many operators - one transmitter - all bands.

MULTI-OP JUNIOR MIXED, MULTI-OP JUNIOR SSB  - age of participants up to 19 years old, no limits of operators.

The winners in each category are determined on the continents. The definition of the continents is carried out according to the rules of DXCC award.




RCC members:







Final result is sum of points for QSO on all bands multiplied on sum of multipliers on all bands.
Judging is conducted on the basis of the received logs from the participants.

QSO is not counted in the following cases:

Note for SWL:
SWL have no category.



1st place winners in all the categories, in which there are donors awarded plaques or other valuable prizes.

Participants who take 2-3 places in all categories are awarded with diplomas in electronic form.
The remaining participants will receive a certificate of participation in electronic form.

Note: all participants, regardless of the occupied place, subject to payment of the cost of a diploma or certificate and the cost of sending it, can order a reward in the form of a plaque.



The prize Fund from sponsors of the competition played in a lottery among ALL participants of the contest, which will hold not
less than 100 QSOs and send a log before deadline.

The lottery is conducted in a live "video broadcast", the results are published on the website
and in the Amateur radio media.



Logs are accepted ONLY in electronic form in CABRILLO format. In the Subject section of the e-mail specify the file name (just call), for example: RA9AP.LOG. or RA9AP.CBR. Logs are different from CABRILLO and in electronic form only (any file PDF, WORD, TXT) with the indication of all data QSOs are accepted only as CHECKLOG. In any case, send log, including CHECKLOG, welcomed the jury, even if in the contest made only one QSO.

Sending of electronic logs:
Log may be upload via Web interface. Or E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

E-mail for questions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

No later than 23.59UTC of 08th May.

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